HDF (Hard Disk Firewall)

HDF® is an innovative patent-protected solution to prevent virus, spyware and malicious software (malware) infection without virus signature file updates. The HDF® concept is simple: if virus and malware are rigorously stopped from entering a computer, they cannot spread and infect it. HDF® integrates fully into the Microsoft® operating system and is totally transparent to applications and users. No user interaction is needed.


From the computer's perspective, all programs e.g. business applications, viruses, trojan horses and spyware are executable code. From a human viewpoint, malware are programs we do not want to run on our systems. HDF® blocks unwanted software from storing to the computer by robust technical means. HDF® technology offers IT administrators a generic and strong control tool to ensure no unwanted software on company computers.

The benefits of such a simple approach are numerous:

Elimination of financial losses caused by malware infection such as lost user productivity, data loss, system down time and recovery costs. Automatically guarantees computer’s Operation System integrity. Helps to maintain and enforce computer system validation status.
A proactive security solution which is effective against zero-day malware attacks with no system performance impacts. HDF® protects from virus, worm, spyware, trojan horse, botnet and rootkit infection. Only authorized users can install software on company computers. No more concerns about unlicensed and pirated software, or of users installing hacking tools on company computers.
No on-going maintenance cost and overheads to make sure virus signature files and security patches are up-to-date. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is very much lower compared to conventional anti-virus solutions.
Notebook and mobile users cannot inadvertently introduce viruses into company networks. HDF® provides an extensive audit log and helps system troubleshooting.
No unauthorised software on company computers affecting computer stability. Helps to lower user-support and helpdesk cost. An 'install-and-forget' solution. Near zero user management cost.

A number of companies and military customers have been using HDF® since 2005. HDF® is a simple concept realized by advanced and time-proven implementation. HDF® provides the very important ultimate baseline protection against virus and malware when, frequently, anti-virus solutions fails to detect and stop those zero-day virus attacks. HDF® is a generic protection product against malware, in particular rootkit attacks. For further information please contact us.

HDF is the abatis against malware