What is the Central Management Console (CMC)?

HDF Central Management Console (CMC) is a monitoring and management tool for HDF-protected computers within the company/organization. It is a web-based application with a combination of functionality such as log collection, log analysis, log query (report), realtime monitoring and management. With the CMC, authorised IT administrators can easily view real-time HDF log information showing the status of HDF clients, security trends, security alarms, and can interrogate the HDF operating parameters as well as system and hardware information.

Abatis HDF Central Management Console (CMC)
Protective Monitoring Capability
Abatis Central Management Console (CMC)
Making Security Management Simple and Cost-Effective


Each CMC can accept between 200 and 2500 HDF clients depending on target environment.  CMCs can be placed in a hierarchy as required to mimic the tree-like structure of the organisation.


This means that there is effectively no upper limit to the number of HDFs that can be monitored and controlled, thereby providing a dynamically extendable protective monitoring solution.

Central Management Console (CMC) Network Architecture

Central Management Console (CMC) provides facilities to:

Retrieve and analyse HDF logs
Web based application
Simple, clean and easy to use
SQL database back end allows sophisticated query, analysis and abstraction into higher level tools like Arcsight
Define policy updates to HDF individually, in groups or globally depending on architectural requirement
SIEM-like dashboard
CMC can be used to search for identified ‘rogue’ files such as blocked APT updates
Customer experience has show ‘clean-up’ of an infection can be reduced from 3 days to 2 hours (90% improvement)

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