Abatis for Maritime ICS SCADA
Abatis provides a Cyber Malware Protection System, created specifically to meet the needs of the Maritime sector.
Protect Your Fleet from External and Internal Threats
  •  Proactive Protection 

  • No Updates Required 

  • Fast 

  • Safe 

  • Efficient 

  • Low Power Consumption 

  • Evaluated Extremely Small Footprint (<100KB (Core Module))

  • Fit-and-Forget 

  • Protects Legacy and New Operating Systems 

  • Can Identify and Isolate Existing Malware Infections 

  • Works with Existing Security Tools 

  • Easy to Use Reduces Maintenance Burden 

  • Improve Green Credentials through Energy Saving 

  • Ship & Shore Capability

In particular our Cyber Malware Protection System can protect the following vulnerable systems on board ship as well as shore-based systems: 

Communication Systems 
Propulsion & Power Control 
Cargo Management Systems 
Passenger-facing Networks 
Bridge Systems including ECDIS 
Access Control Systems 
Passenger Servicing & Management 
Core Infrastructure Systems
Admin & Crew Welfare Systems